Gary J. Goessl
Master I Certified Installer

CFI Certified Floorcovering Installers

G-G Installations, Inc.

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Our professional installation team is operated by Gary Goessl.  Gary is a Master I CFI Certified Installer with over 30 years of experience in carpet installation and repair.  Gary and his staff continually remain active in current certification programs.  This certification ensures that your carpet, laminate, and vinyl installations are completed according to the most recent industry standards.  With this additional training and expertise, Gary and his team are able to provide you with the peace of mind that your installation will be done right.  Our company takes pride in providing a high quality reliable service. 
Charles R. Gress award

         On August 9, 2012, the highly coveted, 15th Charles R. Gress award recipients are honored in memory of #355 from Cumberland, Ohio who believed and demonstrated by his actions that the art of flooring installation was a valuable tool for the industry.  To receive the highest award available for a flooring installer, the honorees have gone above and beyond a commitment to professional flooring installation excellence.  The recipients are willing to share with others to increase industry awareness of the value and importance of CFI Certified Flooring Installers.  CFI would not be where it is today without the contributions of these fine Installers who believed, “If it is to be, it is up to me,” and did something about it, joining 87 others who have preceded them by receiving the prestigious Gress Award. 

This CFI installer first heard about CFI through a retailer, for whom he contracted installations.  The retailer suggested that there was an organization for professional installers and that he thought this installer would be a perfect fit.  And, it was a perfect fit, this installer was certified in 2006 in carpet by Kevin Twohig, and overnight, he became dedicated to being an active CFI member.

He has flown to Georgia to attend the Woven and Patterned Carpet Workshop; to New York to tour a woven mill and to Fort Wayne for a commercial resilient class.  These experiences and CFI values have fed his quest for continued education and training.  He now holds certifications in ceramic, resilient, laminate and wood. 

He credits the continued success of his workroom to the business skills that CFI promotes through their training and annual convention.  He practices his newly acquired business skills and floorcovering knowledge daily to expand his business and provide quality installation.  The retailer that suggested this installer contact CFI now says, not only does he take the time necessary to do an excellent job for his customers’ he also has developed a reputation as someone who can do those intricate installation projects.

He is an officer in his local chapter and has been instrumental in promoting their growth.  He provides assistance to various CFI events by building props, and transporting tools and supplies.  He recently became a member of our certification team.  His installation knowledge and communication skills will make him a valuable certification team member.

We have watched him grow from the date he was certified and his success is rewarding to all of us at CFI.  He has passed his Master II written test and will soon hold that distinguished certification.  He is a dedicated family man, and outdoorsman, and a Packer fan.  It is with great pride that we welcome Gary Goessl #10911 from, Franksville, Wisconsin.


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